That’s it for this term. We look forward to lots more fixtures and talent next year.

Well done to all of our superstar children – you should feel incredibly proud.


KS2 Girls’ Football (11/12/17)

The final of our sporting fixtures for this term and this year! We had a mixture of experts and new experiences for our team. However, they played really well together with the experts helping out. The team played there best in this competition losing 3 and drawing 1 of their matches. A huge thank you to those girls who stepped in at the last minute – without them, there would not have been a team to send!

Year 6 Futsal (7/12/17)

This event was organised by Richard Huish College, with a group of year 6 children in attendance. Our futsal team had to play 8 matches and were unbeaten! They had a fantastic time at this new event and wish to thank Richard Huish for the opportunity to support the event.


Year 5/6 Badminton (29/11/17)

A friendly competition at Kingsmead School.  The teams had 12 matches to play in total. The practise they had been given had certainly paid off. The team managed to convincingly win 10 matches and lost only 2! A huge congratulations to them.

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby (28/11/17)

An earlier kick-off for the tag rugby matches, due to the light. Two teams, a year 5 and year 6 team, played 4 matches each. The year 6 team managed to win 3 matches and lost only 1. The year 5 team won 2, drew 1 and lost 1. A fantastic effort by all children.

Year 1/2 Football (27/11/17)

A team of boys and a team of girls travelled to Heathfield for another friendly competition. They all played extremely well, even though the conditions were cold! The girls’ team drew 1 and lost 3 and the boys’ team won 2, drew 1 and lost 1.

KS2 Boccia – SEN Competition (22/11/17)

A small team of 4 children had the opportunity to attend this competition – a first for St Andrew’s. It was a great taster to the Paralympic sport. The children learnt the skills very quickly, winning 3 of their matches and losing 1. They made it through to their pool’s semi final and won by a point. They lost in the play-offs, but managed to come an incredible 3rd place. This means they are through to the County Finals in February. A fantastic competition with a fantastic team!

Year 5/6 Boy’s Football (20/11/17)

Our team of footballers had an important competition to attend, with 4 matches to play. They managed to win 2, drew 1 and lost one match. Unfortunately, the points were against us and we missed out on the quarter-finals by 1 point! A superb effort by all children involved.

Year 1/2 Football (17/11/17)

An exciting opportunity for our younger stars to develop their football skills and wearing the new kit kindly donated by Rob Markham. Although the teams did not manage to win any of their matches, they had a fantastic time and had lots of fun!

Year 5/6 Dodgeball Can-do (15/11/17)

Two teams went to the Dodgeball tournament at Taunton Vale. The children really enjoyed the activity and were extremely enthusiastic. So much so, that Mr Green used his ear defenders! It was great to have those children who don’t take part in sporting activities really engaged with the game. Fantastic effort from all!

Year 5/6 Handball (14/11/17)

Our superstar handballers were in action at Heathfield School for their final friendly fixture. Two teams participated with the first team playing 4 matches and winning all 4!!! The second team had a mixture of results, playing 4 and winning 1, drawing 2 and losing 1 match. A great effort by all!

Cross Country 1400m (13/11/17)

The Running Club was on tour for the 1400m Cross Country individual races. 18 children made the journey and were ready to get their base time for their first long distance run. All children were fantastic and completed the course. Our first runner came in 6th out of 164 children! As the children came in, they gave fantastic encouragement to others who were coming in. Was great to see. They all have their times ready to beat for their next race in a couple of months time.

Year 1/2 Football (09/11/17)

Our younger guys and gals made the trip to Heathfield School for their football fixture. It is always great to see our younger children playing in the fixtures; with such enthusiasm. They played 4 matches, drew 1 and lost 2.

Year 3/4 Boys’ Football (06/11/17)

As well as the girls, the boys were in action too. Two teams went to Heathfield School for their friendly fixtures. The first team played 4 matches, won 3 and lost 1. The second team also played 4, won 1, drew 1 and lost 2. A great St Andrew’s effort by all!

Year 5/6 Girls’ Football (06/11/17)

A friendly fixture for our girls this evening in order to gain further experience of a competition format. The girls played 4 matches, winning 3 and losing only the one. A fantastic effort and outstanding play by all girls!

Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics (02/11/17)

A team of girls and boys, from KS2, went over to Kings College to attend the Sportshall athletics competition. There was a mixture of track and field events, all in one location! The teams did extremely well and gave the opportunity for a few of our Year 3 and 4s to experience the event, ready for the next couple of years! The team came 11th out of 14. A superb effort by all.


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby (17/10/17)

The whole of the tag rugby club attended this friendly fixture, making two teams. All children enjoyed the event and are really taking shape and working together as a team. There was slight moisture in the air, meaning there were quite a few children sliding on the greasy grass. Luckily, no accidents! Please could you ensure your child has the appropriate footwear if chosen to play, football boots (plastic studs) if possible.

Dodgeball Can-do (11/10/17)

This sport is a more familiar one with all children, but it was time for those who don’t attend the lunchtime sessions to shine through. Two teams went to Taunton Vale and I believe they all had beaming smiles on their faces throughout. They played many games and won many games. Enjoyed by all!

Year 3/4 Football – Can-do (9/10/17)

A mix of girls and boys, from the above year groups, attended this event. Another fantastic effort from the children. It was great to see them getting stuck in and having a go at this sport. Superstars in the making! They 1 won and lost 3 matches. Well done!

Handball Can-do (3/10/17)

This was the first fixture for the Can-dos. It was fantastic to be able to take children who have never played this sport before. The really enjoyed themselves – what it is all about. The team thrived and won 3 of their 4 matches. Excellent effort.

Year 5/6 Boys’ Football (2/10/17)

This too was a first fixture, on the same day as the girls’ competition. Again, the fixtures were friendlies in order to give boys experience of playing in competitions. 2 teams were in action, with the first winning 2 and losing 2 matches. The second team won 1, drew 1 and lost 2.

Year 5/6 Girls’ Football (2/10/17)

The first of many fixtures. The girls had 4 matches to play, on a moderately pleasant evening. It was great experience for our children who have just moved up into Year 5. They won 1 and lost 3 of their matches. Thank you to Mrs Higham for helping out.

Welcome back!

I hope you all had an enjoyable summer! Seems like a long time ago now. Our autumn term has got off to a busy start, with many fixtures taken place. This year, SASP have introduced Can-Do events. This gives children opportunity to have a go at sports they may never have tried before. We were also delighted to receive the Gold School Games Award for our sport and PE in school, for the second year running! Not bad for a school without a sports field.


Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket (21/06/17)

A consecutive fixture for our cricket team and a further 3 matches to play. They managed to secure a convincing win, but lost the other 2 matches. Overall a great effort throughout the season.

Year 5 Kwik Cricket (20/06/17)

The rescheduled tournament from earlier in the month. This time, the sun was beaming on the cricket pitch! The team played 3 matches, winning 1 and losing two.

Year 3/4 Modified Rounders (19/06/17)

A beautiful day, albeit a little warm, for the modified rounders competition. Our budding rounders stars did not let the heat deter them from their job! They played 4 matches in total and managed to win them all! A fantastic team effort.

Year 5/6 Rounders (14/06/17)

Our first rounders tournament and straight into a competition! We had 4 matches to play in our pool, with the top team going through to the play-offs. So, all to play for! Our fist match went well with an 18-10 win. A phenomenal 2nd match win of 32-9. Our 3rd match was very close; f it wasn’t for a miss field from the other team, we wouldn’t have had the rounder we needed to win 23-22! So, everything down to the 4th match. A fantastic game played and our final win of the tournament of 30-17. St Andrew’s are through to the play-offs!

Girls’ Kwik Cricket (23/05/17)

Our girls were back in action, but this time it was the real deal (competition). A few minutes of practise before the matches began. They won their first and third matches, which was a great start to their campaign. There was slight confusion with the second match however, they managed to become 2nd place finalists and are off to the regional finals in Street. Congratulations and a big thank you to Mr King for stepping in and helping the team.

Quad Athletics (15/05/17):

Years 3/4 – A fantastic day for athletics! Children had to compete in: 5om sprint; standing long jump; 400m run; and the vortex throw. They really pushed themselves and did all they could. Our team managed to come 7th place out of 30 schools, which was outstanding! We have some super, talented athletes coming through the school.

Years 5/6 – Our older children had to live up to the standards previously set by our years 3/4 earlier that day. In true St Andrew’s spirit, they did not disappoint! Tough competition, but they gave it their all. They came 6th out of 32 schools. We also had two children who had earned silver staus in the UK Athletics quadrathon and one who had earned bronze. Huge congratulations to them.

Years 3/4 Mini Tennis (12/05/17)

Our tennis stars were off to Blackbrook Pavilion for their tournament. They had plenty of practise and were very excited. We had a mixture of results, but the team managed to do enough to go through to the area finals. Super effort!

Girls’ Kwik Cricket (04/05/17)

Cricket season is finally upon us! The girls were in their whites and ready for action. We had a mixture of experience in the team and those more experienced were able to help support the others. They had 4 friendly matches to play and managed to win all four quite comfortably.

Cross Country 3 x 900m relays (24/04/17)

Slightly cold, but dry weather for our relay teams. 4 teams were taking part with our first team home in 4th place! A super effort by all children and one they have all begun to enjoy. As usual, our children were supportive of the other runners who were yet to cross the finishing line.


Somerset School Games Finals Day (21/03/17)

Two teams were in action at Millfield.

Futsal – With additional futsal sessions being put on by Mr Green, the whole team felt ready to face tough competition from other schools in the Somerset area. 6 teams were looking to become champions and represent Somerset in the county finals. Our team were superstars and manged to secure that place and are looking forward to representing their county.


Netball – Our netball team also enjoyed extra training sessions by Mrs Doherty to assist with developing their skills further for the finals. They had three teams to play before knowing if they had done enough to qualify for the quarterfinals. They won two and lost one, which meant they were through as best second place. However, a last minute hoop in the quarterfinals meant they were knocked out of the competition. They played extremely well and should be so proud of themselves.

Netball (29/03/17)

Our budding netball stars were taking to the stage for their netball competition at Taunton Vale. The weather was on their side! The team played superbly, winning all except one of their matches. Luckily, they managed to do enough to secure 2nd place and represent the Taunton area in the School Games finals.

Hockey (14/03/17)

Competition day! The team was ready and prepared for their tough competition, and tough it was. They started off well, losing only one match. Unfortunately, they just missed out of going through the area finals, but they all played superbly.

Hockey (07/03/17)

Our last friendly competition at Bishop Foxes before the competition. They played extremely well, losing just one of the matches by 1 goal in the last minute!

Netball (29/03/17)

Our last fixture of friendlies for our netball team and the opportunity for some new stars to gain experience of competition. Our team played superbly, winning all matches! Luckily, the rain held off!

Tag Rugby (21/03/17)

Two teams headed to Bishop Foxes for the final Tag Rugby competition of the year. We had a mixture of experience and non experienced children, which enabled those with experience to help and support others. The first team lost 3 matches and won 1 and the other team lost all 3 matches. They held their heads high and had a fantastic team spirit.

Catchball Yr 3/4 (16/03/17)

The catchball team were in great spirits for their tournament last night. They had 9 matches to play in total and managed a fantastic 6 wins, 2 draws and only 1 loss. The event manager made a point of saying they were the best and most disciplined team in the tournament. A huge congratulations to our budding super stars!

Hockey (14/03/17)

Competition day! Great weather conditions for the children to play in – and the parents to watch! St Andrew’s were placed in Pool B and had 2 matches to play. Their first match resulted in a 0-0 draw, with their second being a 1-1 draw. The team nervously waited to see their position within their pool, knowing if they were at the top, they were through to the play-offs. The results were in and they came a very impressive 2nd place. Unfortunately, they did not make it through however, they were able to play a further 2 friendly matches. With the first match, the goal they needed to end in a draw, came just after the whistle had been blown. Their second match was a slightly higher loss. Well done to the team!!

Hockey (07/03/17)

The second tournament of friendly matches before the competition next week and great opportunity for the team to gain more experience. Luckily, the weather was kind to them! The team played a total of 5 matches, which had very close results! They won their first match 1-0, lost their second and third by 1-0, won their fourth 1-0 and ended their final match with a goalless draw. Superb play by the team.

Futsal (02/03/17)

Our futsal team were eager to play in their competition this evening. They managed win their matches to secure a place in the area finals at Somerset School Games on Friday 21st March.

Netball Year 5/6 (01/03/17)

A cold and slightly drizzly late afternoon at Taunton Vale. However, rain did not stop play! We had 2 teams in attendance; one in Pool A and one in Pool B. The winning team of each pool would go through to the play-offs later in the month. So, with this in the fore-front of their minds, they were ready to compete. Our team in Pool A had managed a big win to start their campaign (6-0). Their other 2 matches were less of a gap, but wins nonetheless and did not concede any hoops. They were delighted to hear they were top of their pool and through to the play-offs. The team in Pool B played 4 matches, winning 1 and losing 3 (2 of those were narrow loses!) Both teams played fantastically.

Tag Rugby (28/02/17)

This was the first time we had entered in a tag rugby tournament. It was amazing to see 320 children taking part. Two teams were in force and ready for the experience. Both teams played well with the first winning 2 matches and losing 2. The second team won 1 match and lost 3. Both teams thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Cross Country 900m relays (27/02/17)

3 teams of 3 children took part in the 900m relay at King’s College. Typical cross country weather for this time of year! Unfortunately, the teams were in the second race, which meant having to keep themselves warm for a little longer than expected. It was lovely to see them cheering on the children, from other schools, who were running in race 1. All the children ran superbly and put every effort into their race. Results to follow shortly.

A very busy last week with sports competitions! A huge thank you to the parents for their help in transport and their support for the children. The results are as follows:

Netball Year 5/6 (08/02/17)

A cold, but sunny evening for the friendly competition, with two teams in action. Team A were lucky to play a couple of their matches inside at Taunton Vale (happy for the warmth). They had played 4 matches in total, winning 3 and losing 1 by 2-1. Team B were outside for all matches. They also managed to win 3 and lost 1. Both teams were superb and they demonstrated everything they have been learning through all matches.

Boys’ and Girls’ Football (06/02/17)

Both the girls’ and boy’s teams were in action on a very cold and drizzly evening. The friendly fixtures were a great opportunity for our younger members of the team to gain experience at competition level. As we expect, all children rose to the challenges of both the weather conditions and matches!

The boys played 4 matches: won 2, drew 1 and lost 1.

The girls played 2 matches: won 3 and drew 1 (no goals conceded).

Cross Country 1.4km (30/01/17)

‘Running Club on Tour.’ 19 children, from Running Club, soon found out that cross country takes place whatever the weather! The drizzle did not hold off, which meant the grounds were wonderfully muddy for their run. It was fantastic to see such a turn out from St Andrew’s, especially those who were feeling it would be quite challenging. Everyone managed to complete the run, with smiles on their faces, and we even had the first girl in. A huge thank you to the parents who helped with transport and held the coats for our runners. They could not have attended without you! Also, to Mr King for his continued support for all the children.

Netball Year 5/6 (25/01/17)

Two teams travelled to Taunton Vale to play in the first of the netball tournaments. Due to the large number of schools entered, only three matches were played. Team 1 won all three matches. The results were: 6-0, 8-0 and 5-0. Team 2 won their first match 5-0, lost their second and third by 1-0 and 2-1. A fantastic effort on a cold evening!

Hockey Year 5/6 (24/01/17)

Bitterly cold evening at Bishop Fox’s for their first friendly tournament. Considering they have only had one practise session, the team played extremely well. They managed; a 2-0 win; drew two matches and narrowly lost another. A great start.

Boys’ Futsal Year 5 (19/01/17)

The year 5 squad attended their group futsal tournament today. They played 3 matches, winning 2 and losing 1. This meant they made it through to the semi finals. They managed to win the match and secure a place in the finals in early March. Fantastic effort team!

Boys’ Football (16/01/17)

Another round of friendly football matches, with the boys team in action this time. The team included children who were experiencing a competitive tournament for the first time. It didn’t take them long to warm up and getting that first win under their belt. Their 2nd match resulted in a draw. The 3 final matches ended in defeat, but the team held their heads up high in true spirit.

Well done to them all!

Girls’ Football (09/01/17)

The first competition of our sport’s calendar for 2017! This friendly match was a great opportunity for our younger, budding footballers to gain experience of competitions. The first two matches were a small loss of 2-0 however, they managed to ‘find their feet’ and won the remaining three matches: 5-0, 1-0 and 2-0. Mr Green was very pleased with their performance.

Sports Clubs Start This Week:

Monday: Y4, 5 & 6 Running Club (this is a continued club from last term – no need to re-aply)

Tuesday: Y 3 & 4 Catchball, Yr 1 & 2 Multi-skills

Wednesday: Y5 & 6 Netball (this is a continued club from last term – no need to re-aply), Y3 & 4 Sports club

Thursday: Y4, 5 & 6 Hockey

Additional sports clubs starting at a later date are: Badminton and Tag Rugby.

Boys’ and Girls’ Football Area Finals Year 5/6 (12/12/16)

A rarity that both teams, not for both reaching the Taunton area finals, but for having to play on the same day! Mr Green was with the boys and Mrs Doherty was with the girls. Both teams were eager to know how the other was getting on, making the coaches’ phone bills sky high!

So, to the girls first. They had 5 matches to play. Their first match was against a team who was one of the favourites in the competition. A super start by holding that team to a draw. The girls went on to play a further 4 matches, which they drew another 3 and won the last match. A fantastic effort to remain undefeated throughout their finals. The girls managed to secure 3rd place, just lost out to 2nd by 1 point. Throughout the whole season, the girls have only lost 1 match!

Now, for the boys. They had 4 matches to play in total; competition was tough. They managed 2 draws and 2 losses, which resulted in them achieving joint 4th place. Unfortunately, due to goal difference, the other team in 4th was slightly above us. Throughout the whole of the football season, the boys had played a total of 12 matches, only losing 2 of those.

A great effort by both teams and really deserved their place in those finals.

Handball Year 5/6 (07/12/16)

A warmer evening for our handball squad tonight. They had 6 matches to play in their final tournament. Their first match was against a team who gave them a heavy defeat previously, so nerves were circling around the pitch. I was extremely impressed with how the team has developed with their skills and working together, this was demonstrated in all of their matches. The results were as follows: 4-3 loss, 6-1 win, 3-1 win, 6-2 win, 5-1 win and 8-0 win. Absolutely amazing!!

Badminton Year 5/6 (30/11/16)

This evening, our badminton team attended a competition at Kingsmead School. They had 5 matches to play (4 games per match) and managed to win all 5. They made it through to the semi-final, but lost that match. The points from all matches were totalled and our team came a fantastic 2nd place (just losing out to the winners by 3 points). They were presented with their silver medals. Mr Green was overwhelmed by the dedication to extra practise sessions by all 6 team members. A special mention to the 2 children who helped the team and supported them throughout (with pom-poms!), although they were unable to play. Real team spirit!

Football Year 2 (25/11/16)

A chilly afternoon for our Year 2 children, attending their football tournament at Kings Hall. They had a total of 6 matches to play during the afternoon. All played extremely well, with great team spirit.They managed to win 2 matches, drew 2 and lost of 2. A fantastic effort! A huge thank you to the support of all parents.

Badminton Year 5/6 (23/11/16)

It was the final ‘practise’ for our badminton team before the competition next week. After playing 3 matches and winning 2 of those, they made it through to the semi finals. They managed to secure a win in order to reach the finals. They played superbly, but were pipped to the post and lost by just a couple of points. A huge good luck to them for the competition next week!

Boys’ Football Year 3/4 (16/11/16)

A small threat of rain, but that did not hinder their determination. They had 4 matches to play in total. The team played superbly and managed to secure a 3 match win, with just 1 match lost. Some potential football stars in the making!

Country Individual 1400m (14/11/16)

10 pupils from Years 4-6 attended this event at King’s College tonight, just before the sun started to set. They were in the first group of 80 runners to complete the course. All runners were fantastic and had taken on board all they had learnt from Running Club. We had a ‘first girl home’, coming in 9th place in their group (17 out of 314 overall). The others were very close behind, which was great to see. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The overall places, out of 314 children, are as follows: 17, 59, 61, 65, 81, 125, 167, 175, 183 and 203. Further details can be found on the Sports Board.

Handball Tournament Yr 5/6 (09/11/16)

The weather seemed less kind to us today. Due to the adverse weather conditions, the 6 scheduled matches had to be reduced to just 2 matches. Our first match was against the team we had lost 4-0 to the previous week. They were a little nervous to start, but managed to stay focused and stepped up to the challenge. They only had a 2-1 loss this time, so a great improvement. Unfortunately, our captain picked up an injury which meant she had to sit out for the 2nd match. The team carried on and managed to get a lead, but the opposition made a come back to beat us by 7-4. As always, a great effort by all players!

Girls’ Football Year 5/6 (07/11/16)

A bitterly cold evening for playing the final matches in their pool. The team had to play 3 league matches, knowing they could only afford one loss in order to still go through to the play-offs. The coldness did not hinder their performance and with a total of 5 matches (2 x friendlies), they were undefeated! Not only does this mean they have qualified for the play-offs, but they ended at the top of their pool! A fantastic effort, with great guidance from super coach Mr Green.

Sportshall Athletics Year 5/6 (03/11/16)

WOW! Absolutely amazed at the determination, this evening, in their competition. There were 12 schools attending, with 9 boys and 9 girls per team. Our team were superb with all their activities, coming first in a couple of their heats. Overall, we came 5th place which was fantastic considering a third of our team were Year 4 children. In true St Andrew’s spirit, the older children supported the younger ones; all great ambassadors for the school. A huge well done to them all.

Further photos can be found on the sports board and in the school hall.

Handball Year 5/6 (02/11/16)

A slightly colder evening to the start of the handball tournaments. We were delighted to attend the first ever handball tournament run by SASP. The tournament started with all schools having a practise session, which was extremely helpful. The team played 3 matches in total, with their first match a 6-0 win. The other two matches were a loss of 4-0 and 4-1. It was fantastic to hear, from Jason at SASP, how our team played superbly well together and have great potential. Well done to them all.

Boys’ Football Year 5/6 (17/10/16)

Their 2nd round of matches in their pool! So far, so good. They played extremely well as a team in order to secure 3 wins out of the 4 matches. Their final match resulted in a draw, which does mean our team are currently undefeated! Congratulations team!

Boys’ Football Year 3/4 (12/10/16)

Another first, this time for our younger, yet still plenty of experience, crew! A different location than the year 5/6 team, but perfect conditions nonetheless. Our superstars played extremely well, with 4 matches played in total. They managed to win 2 games, drew 1 and lost 1. A great experience for them. Well done!

Badminton Year 5/6 (11/10/16)

A squad of 6 went over to Kingsmead School this evening to take part in a Badminton tournament. There were a few tough matches, but the team played extremely well and rose to every challenge. From their 6 matches, they managed to secure 5 wins and had just 1 loss. A fantastic start to their campaign.

Invasion Games – Year 6 (11/10/16)

Exe class had the opportunity to participate in a sports festival at Taunton Academy with other schools around Taunton. They were split into four groups and were competing against other schools to be crowned champions. They took part in four different sports: rugby, hockey, netball and handball. It was fantastic to see all children taking part and having fun, with a few children displaying their competitiveness in a very modest way! Many stickers were given to our children for their teamwork, respect and honesty.Once all matches were played, the results were given. It was fantastic to have two of the St Andrew’s groups in the top 4, with one of those coming in 1st place!

Girls’ Football (09/10/16)

It was the turn of the girls this time to kick start their football campaign. The team was a great mixture of year 4 to year 6 girls, with the older girls sharing their experience well. There were a total of 5 matches to play, 4 being league and 1 friendly. The girls played incredibly well, winning 4 of their matches and losing 1 by just 1 goal! A fantastic start.

Boys’ Football (03/10/16)

The first match of the season started with a huge success! The conditions at Castle School were perfect for football. The boys had to play 4 matches in total. They managed 2 convincing wins and 2 draws, although the cross bar was hit on numerous occasions in one of those matches! This was a great start to their league, in Pool A.

Cross Country Relays (26/09/16)

The first of a range of competitions for St Andrew’s. 12 children endured/enjoyed the Kings College Cross Country 900m Relays this afternoon. For some, it was their first time and for others, well, they knew what to do! One child had butterflies due to nerves as it was her first time. When she finished, she wanted to go around again! She crossed the line with a beaming smile, as did the others. This is what sport is all about. The conditions were kind, a little chill in the air, but the rain held off. Quite a few sliding finishes, but I,m sure a few were intentional! They all should be very proud, especially those whose first time it was. Well done guys – a great start!



Outstanding, phenomenal, determination, ambassadors, achievers… are just a few of many words that spring to mind when thinking of all the children who have participated in the sporting events this year. We have had an extremely successful year, achieving many accolades for both the children and the school. From the bottom of our hearts, Mr Green and I would like to express our appreciation to ALL parents who have supported us with transport – without this, the children would not be able to attend the fixtures. Also, to those who have come to support ‘Team St Andrew’s’. Finally, the biggest thank you goes to the children, who have been absolute superstars and given their all when asked. We look forward to next year! Mrs Doherty and Mr Green.