Local Governing Board


Governor Type


Term of Office


Declared Pecuniary Interest




2016 – 2017



Trust Governors Mrs Dawn Booth (Chair) 2017-2021 School Development

Church School Distinctiveness

Pay and Personnel

Mr Steve Hubbard (Vice Chair) 2017-2021 Parent Pay and Personnel 5/5
Mr Jason Woollacott 2017-2021 Chair of Cheddon Fitzpaine LGB,  Diocese of B & W – School Operations Working Group Finance, Site and Buildings 4/5
Mrs Antonia Tregenza 2017-2021 Pay and Personnel

Church School Distinctiveness

SEND and Safeguarding governor (new to role 2018)

Mrs Frederika Grant 2015-2018 School Development 2/5
Mr Simon Inskip 2017-2021 Parent Finance, Site and Buildings 5/5
 Parent Governors Mr Simon Moon 2015-2019 Parent

Staplegrove Parish Councillor

School Development 5/5
Mr Stephen Kershaw 2016-2020 Parent Finance, Site and Buildings

Pay & Personnel

Ex Officio Mr Paul Sheehan  2007-2018 Employee- Headteacher All Committees 5/5
Reverend Robin Lodge Pay and Personnel

Church School Distinctiveness

Staff Governors Mrs Kaye Frounks 2017-2021 Employee – Teacher School Development 5/5
Mrs Cheryl Gerrard 2017-2021 Employee – Teaching Assistant Finance, Site and Buildings

School Development

Pupil Premium governor

Mrs Dot Duke 2013-2016 Employee – Teaching Assistant School Development

Finance, Site and Buildings

Church School Distinctiveness

Associate Member Mrs Tamar Warner 2012-2018 Employee – Deputy Headteacher School Development 5/5
Clerk to the Governors Mrs Sue Rushen 2017- Employee – Teaching Assistant
  Mrs Annette Williams 2013-2017 Employee – Business Manager 5/5

Copies of approved minutes are available to view.  Contact the Clerk to the Governors at the school email the clerk


What do Governors do?
The governors act as a “critical friend” to the school, monitoring and overseeing the smooth running of the school and supporting and

listening to staff and parents. The Local Governing Board is responsible for the overall management of the school and for determining

its aims, objectives and policies in accordance with all the relevant legislation. The head manages the school from day to day and is

the Local Governing Board’s principal professional adviser who assists it with the formulation and implementation of its aims, objectives,

policies and plans.

School governors help schools provide the best possible education for their pupils:

  • thinking and working strategically to help raise standards;
  • monitoring and evaluating progress towards the school’s priorities and targets;
  • supporting the head and staff as well as challenging their expectations;
  • accounting to all stakeholders for the school’s overall performance and for the decisions they have made.

How are the Governors organized at St Andrew’s?
As a Local Governing Board we meet at least once each term. We also have a number of committees with specific responsibilities.
These committees meet additionally to the Local Governing Board. Our current committees are:

  • School Development: responsible for monitoring and evaluating attainment and the quality of learning, for identifying and
    celebrating pupil achievements, monitoring and evaluating curriculum provision, ensuring that the requirements for pupils with
    special educational needs are met, and to set pupil performance targets.
  • Pay and Personnel: responsible for staffing issues and relevant policies, including pay, appointments and performance
  • Finance and Sites and Buildings: responsible for determining the yearly budget and expenditure and for the occupation,
    use and the upkeep of the school premises. Also, responsible for ensuring that the school and all occupants are safe.
    This includes risk assessments and regular health and safety reviews.