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Assessment in RE:


RE work is assessed after each lesson using the St Andrew’s Church School marking policy. Feedback is given orally to the children either during the lesson or at the beginning of the next one. The children are then given the opportunity to “purple polish” their learning to show their growing understanding surrounding the topic. The immediate assessment of the child’s knowledge and understanding allows any misconceptions to be addressed in the next lesson so they do not become embedded knowledge which is more difficult to correct at a later date.

The assessments of each lesson help to inform the teacher’s ‘knowledge assessment’ which is carried out at the end of every topic studied. The end of unit assessments provide information for the next unit of work in that topic area so that prior knowledge and understanding can be built upon and developed as the children move through the school. They are used to inform future planning and plug gaps where areas have been missed by children or need revisiting.


The RE lead also uses this end of topic data to inform their monitoring of planning and teaching and the child’s subsequent learning. Any areas of need can be planned for and supported and strategic developments for the subject can be planned for in detail.