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In Writing across the school, the focus is on

transcription (spelling and handwriting)

composition (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech and writing).


We have adopted Talk For Writing as our main approach to teaching writing. It provides a whole school cumulative and systematic approach whilst providing flexibility where needed.



Provide a Hook ( a way into the text)

Learn it – orally as a class and individually, share with parents where appropriate

Use story maps

Discuss it – magpie vocabulary, discuss grammar

Box up the text to see how it is organised


Substitute – change words, characters, settings

Add or embellish the text

Alter parts of the text to change the course of events

Change of view – retell from a different point of view

Write a sequel

Model writing, shared writing, guided writing, independent writing

Use toolkits (with examples) to clarify what grammar features are required

Model editing process

Independent editing using purple polishing pens


Provide a stimulus

Box up or map new ideas, following generic structure learnt

Write independently

Teacher assessment








We have adapted and modified the process over the years in response to our assessments and the need of writers particularly in Years 5 and 6.

As they become more accomplished writers through years 5 and 6, children should be given increasing opportunity to make independent selections from known genres in order to demonstrate skilled application of their abilities in a variety of tasks. They become less reliant on toolkits and use the knowledge they have acquired in past years to make appropriate style, grammar and vocabulary choices.