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Medical forms

We understand that occasionally, children may need to take medicine during the school day, however, where possible, doses of medicine should be given before or after school.  If the medicine needs to be administered more than 3 times per day and is prescribed by a doctor, you will need to complete an ‘Administer Medicine’ form (please see link below).  These are also held in the School Office. We will only be able to administer prescribed medicine, in the original containers with the pharmaceutical label attached.  Parents will need to bring these medicines to the office in the morning and collect them after school; all medicines will need to be signed in and out by a responsible adult.  If you feel your child needs a non prescribed medicine during the day, e.g. paracetamol, ibuprofen, hayfever/allergy relief etc. you are welcome to come in during the school day to administer this.

Parental agreement for school to administer prescribed medicine