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St Andrew’s Curriculum

Curriculum Lead - Maria Sadler


In September 2022, the school's curriculum has underwent a review and we are now in the process of embedding the revised curriculum.


Our curriculum is based on the September 2014 National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 & 2 and the Early Years Framework in Reception.


St Andrew’s Curriculum Intent


When Jesus spoke the words of John 10:10 to his disciples he had a vision for them that went beyond what they could see at that moment in time. At St Andrew’s Church School our curriculum is underpinned by the school’s vision, of ‘life in all its fullness’. We recognise the need to be ambitious on behalf of our pupils to enable them to achieve this vision.


The curriculum is deliberately planned to:


  • be aspirational, rigorous and well-planned combined with high quality teaching that ensures children are supported to be well rounded, empathetic young people who have a genuine thirst for learning and ‘life in all its fullness.’
  • ensure that every lesson, experience, and day in our school will expose children to an education without limits, full of the joy and fullness of life.
  • help children to develop their sense of identity and belonging and make a positive contribution to society.
  • prepare our children for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of life in modern Britain.
  • engage children through a coherent, meaningful, purposeful carefully planned curriculum progression which enables children to develop their knowledge and the skills.
  • be inclusive of the needs of all learners in line with our SEN local offer.
  • make the most of our local BWMAT communities to allow the children to feel part of a wider society.
  • offer meaningful experiences, enrichment, and opportunities to develop cultural capital.
  • offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to have experiences above and beyond the curriculum.
  • enable children to develop respect for and sensitivity to others, in particular those whose faiths and beliefs are different from their own, to combat prejudice.
  • promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, and physical development of children.
  • have high expectations for all pupils and provides additional opportunities to inspire ambition within our pupils.
  • recognise, celebrate, and welcome each pupil as a unique individual so they can develop a sense of pride in their achievements and their school.


 Our Curriculum is intended to enable all pupils to:


  • have a sense of pride in who they are, where they live and the school they attend.
  • enjoy learning and understand the importance of this for their growth and development.
  • understand and apply Christian values that enhance the experience and development of themselves and others.
  • demonstrate positive behaviour that reflects the core Christian values of our school.
  • have a sense of belonging to their community and an understanding of the local area
  • be confident, ambitious, aspirational, self-evaluative, learners who are engaged, excited and empowered by their learning experiences.
  • make a positive contribution to their community and wider society, for example through learning about and donating food to the local food bank and supporting our sponsored World Vision pupil in Niger.
  • be well prepared for life in modern Britain by participating in democratic votes for school council elections and taking on a variety of responsibilities across the school, for example team captains, school librarians and pupil chaplains.
  • access learning at their level in order to make progress regardless of any disability or special educational need.
  • experience equality of opportunity, addressing any gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding, to diminish social disadvantage.
  • make good progress across the curriculum appropriate to their prior attainment through access to appropriately differentiated learning opportunities and pre and post teaching sessions across the school day.
  • achieve well in external assessment against National benchmarks at the end of each key stage.
  • articulate their hopes and aspirations for their future.


Throughout the teaching of our Curriculum, we teach the characteristics that make effective, lifelong learners.

For further information about our curriculum, please contact our Curriculum lead or see the individual class pages.