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Early Years

Class teacher & subject lead - Chloe Thomas

Link governor - Chris Miles


Curriculum Intent

In the Early Years reception class at St Andrew’s Church School, we aim to provide a caring, nurturing, positive and happy learning environment which allows all children to develop to their full potential. We are fully inclusive, and all children are expected to think about the needs of others. We respect all families and aim to develop a positive two-way relationship with each one.

We value the individual child and all staff understand that each child is different, and that their learning requirements and styles are unique too. We provide high quality adult interactions that enhance learning and development whilst following our children’s lead.

Our intention is to provide a happy, nurturing environment that promotes well-being which in turn leads to high levels of child development and the ability to create and think critically. We provide our children with knowledge, skills and experiences in a hands-on, holistic way so that all learning is embedded in a meaningful context. We do this through a well-structured yet playful and flexible curriculum that engages and motivates our children. It covers all of the 7 areas of learning and supports the children’s learning characteristics. We follow children’s interests when appropriate and value their ideas.


Reading and phonics is integral to our curriculum in reception and we instil a lifelong love of reading in our youngest children right from the start. Our curriculum places language at the heart of learning.


Our Teaching and curriculum content is in accordance to The Early Years Frame work


Guidance is used with reference to BWMAT progression skills and Development Matters