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Subject Lead - Ella Brett

Link governor -  Dawn Booth

Our Curriculum Intent


Our vision for history across St Andrew's Church School is to ensure that children have a deep-rooted understanding of history through a well-planned curriculum. Children will gain a coherent understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We will ensure that children build a sense of chronology of historical periods. They will also be taught to learn and use historically grounded vocabulary. Children will develop historical skills such as methods of historical enquiry, how to use and compare evidence, draw contrasts and frame historically accurate questions.

We believe that it is imperative for children to understand, that what came before us, shapes how we live now. History helps pupils develop an understanding of the diversity within societies and the relationships between different groups. History is important as it provides children with opportunities to:


· Emphasise with others

· Argue a point of view

· Reach their own conclusions.


We will bring the History curriculum to life for the children by providing them with meaningful and relevant trips, experiences and visitors. It is through a variety of teaching and learning strategies that we endeavour to create a love for learning. They will enjoy learning, regard history as exciting and it is through this that they will want more challenges and successes.

Year 3 - Trip to the Museum to learn about Life in the Stone Age

Year 3 - Roman Biscuits