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Curriculum Implementation

In RE pupils learn about:

· What people believe

· How people show their beliefs in their daily lives

· How people explain what they believe & understand using symbols & stories


This helps children & young people to:

· Make sense of who they are

· To have opportunity to have their views challenged

· Make sense of life 2

· Make sense of right & wrong

· to develop tolerance and respect for other people's beliefs

· To develop their critical view

· To be better informed citizens


It is the law that all schools must teach RE.


How is RE taught?

· Pictures & photographs

· From texts books, religious scriptures

· Artefacts

· Visits to places of worship

· Visitors

· Displays


Children learn through:

· Discussion

· Asking & answering questions

· Sharing their knowledge & experiences

· Written work

· Presentations



Visits & visitors

Nearly every year in primary school one of the units of work should include visits to a place of worship, for example a church or a mosque.

When pupils go on a visit they are will expected to dress & behave respectfully & to follow the customs such as removing your shoes or covering your head. No young person will ever be asked to join in worship.

Going on a visit to a place of worship brings everything you have learnt at school to life. Pupils will see some very beautiful buildings & meet some very interesting & friendly people.

Sometimes teachers will invite a visitor into school to talk about what they believe or demonstrate what they do. This again helps pupils to learn in an interesting way.

It is important for our children & young people to learn to be respectful of both their own and other people’s beliefs & cultures. This helps make schools & communities a fairer place for everybody, whatever their religion, culture, language or background.

In RE lessons your teachers won’t try to change your religious beliefs or persuade you to be religious. RE is a lesson where you do a lot of thinking!