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What our children say

What is a historian?


This is what our children think ~


“Someone that researches about history and finds out about history. They find out about artefacts.”


“A historian to me is someone who likes to do history. They do it every day and make books about history.”


“A historian is someone that investigates things about history”.


Thoughts about their history learning:


A child talking about their trip to the museum when learning about the Stone Age said “I could capture how long ago the Stone Age was because I could see all the cracks and crevices in the objects”.


“It made us really think. It had the name and description for each thing. It was really intriguing.”


The children remembered the creative parts of the topic for example creating shields. All children spoke positively with enthusiasm about the topic. They also talked about homework that they did which was linked to the Stone Age.


“We used books or chrome books to find out facts about historical figures.”